Home Loans

Home Loans could be considered the most complex in options available to customers.  Every financial institutions offers a full product sweep from standard variable loans, fixed loans, no frill loans to name a few.  All these different loans then have a vareity of different features for example, redraw facilities, repayment holidays, off-set accounts, this makes selecting a loan product that might suit your situation very confusing and time consuming.  Hence the benefit of an experience finance broker, who daily researches the different bank products and their features and has a full understanding of the different bank's lending policies thus being able to offer you  the right loan product to match your financial situation.

Not only do we offer you loan options, we also arrange the loan for you, from  submitting your application for finance right through the process to the settlement of your loan.  This process can be very stressful, which is why an experience broker like Martin or Paula can take the worry away and tackle the banks on your behalf.  We will keep you regulaly updated and also update your solicitor and real estate agent if applicable, as we believe if everyone is informed a smooth stressful process with result.

City Edge Finance is a member of Australia's largest aggregator, Australian Finance Group.  This membership provides us with accreditations with the majority of lending institutions in Australia from the major banks to local building societies. These memberships only given to brokers who have many years of experience in the finance industry and hold an excellent track record of good business practices.

Phone City Edge Finance today to arrange an appointment or to discuss your finance needs.  Phone 0740324999 or Martin on 0413 916 999 or Paula on  0417 772 592.