Investment Property Loans

and  home loans are basically the same, it's the purpose of the loan which sets them apart.  A Home Loan by definition is finance to purchase a property in which you will live in ie. become your home, or a home loan maybe to refinance your lending from one bank to the next but still mortgage by your home.

An investment property loan is lending to purchase a property from which you will derive an income from and is not your principle place of residence.  The other major difference between the 2 styles of loans is the tax implications.  A home loan is a non taxable debt, however an investment property is taxable debt and therefore can be used for negative gearing purposes.  This is only a general rule and your accountant's advice should be followed in all cases.

The majority of lending institutions have similar products regardless if the loan is an investment property loan or a home loan.  In the past interest rates have been slighly higher with some banks for investment loans, however in today's lending arena they are the same.

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